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™ byMe is your place of inspiration, comfort and experimentation. We admire everyone who finds themselves at byMe: everyone is so different and original, but at the same time united by our space of feminine strength and lightness. That's why women's clothing for us is a way to reveal new sides of you, especially when it's high-quality women's clothing from the manufacturer. Our goal is to make you feel not only attractive, but also calm and confident in quality. byMe is your opportunity to buy women's clothes, dress in comfort and catch the admiring glances of passers-by!


Brand clothing: clothing of values ​​and accents


Branded clothes are clothes that matter. What matters to byMe is what clothes give you: what mood, what feelings, whether it fulfills your dreams and whether it gives you strength for something new. However, in order for clothing to evoke emotions, it must first satisfy the basic need - comfort:

That's why we offer clothing sizes from XXS to XXL, and shoes from 34 to 42 sizes, depending on the model;
And for all shoes we use the soft insole technology, which we developed ourselves - so we're sure that your feet will be comfortable;
We take everyone's comfort into account, so we have 3 lengths to choose from for all pants models: petite - for 158-165 cm height, middle - for 166-172 cm, long - for 173-180 cm;
In order for pants and skirts to fit different types of figures, we use belts that anatomically repeat curves.

We adore all byMe capsule collections - they tell you and the world about important things. Here is the collection "My language is my armor" - it's about the power of language to influence and the fact that every Ukrainian man and woman has this power; collection "Z a k o h u v a t i" - makes Ukrainian men and women fall in love with all Ukrainian; and the "Three Words" collection reminds of the value of respect and the importance of protecting what you love

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Clothing for women can't be described in general: each of us requires a special style and mood of images. Nevertheless, clothes from byMe have several special features common to each item:

originality - we are in favor of emphasizing the uniqueness of each, therefore women's clothing from each collection has original prints, patches and small reminders;
convenience is a component that we focus on from the beginning of the creation of the brand, because it is important to us how you feel in byMe clothes;
practicality – in byMe you can collect complete looks and then mix them, because each capsule collection has clothes, shoes and accessories that are combined with each other.

Choose clothes and meanings that impress you the most! When you decide, you can buy branded clothes here on the website, or visit our showroom in Kyiv.


byMe – quality women's clothing from the manufacturer


High-quality women's clothing from the manufacturer is a responsibility for the promised quality and love for every detail of production. We are happy if our clothes, shoes and accessories become not just your favorite things, but also things that matter. The byMe clothing manufacturer is for you if you want to communicate through clothes, share important things with the world and find new expressions of yourself. Invest your values ​​and meanings in things!