How the TM byMe discount system works:

Regular customer discount -5%:
Immediately after the first purchase in the showroom or online, you will receive a -5% discount on all subsequent purchases. The discount is valid for promotional goods.

Discount "byMe fans" -10%:

The discount is cumulative and comes into effect after the total amount of purchases reaches UAH 10,000.  This is our gratitude to you for your commitment to our brand.  The discount is valid for promotional items.

Discount for feedback on our site -10%:

Leave your review of the product on our website, directly under any product in the "review" section, next to the product description, after the first purchase and get a one-time discount on the next purchase -10%. The discount applies, inclusive, to promotional goods, pre-orders, but is not added to the discount of the regular customer (item 1) or to the discount of the "byMe fan" (item 2).

Facebook Review Discount -10%:
Leave your review on our official Facebook page or Google after the first purchase, about the quality and service and get a discount on your next purchase -10% one-time. The discount is valid for promotional goods, it does not stack with the regular customer discount (paragraph 1).
(link to our Facebook page

Discount in honor of your birthday -20% on everything:
Get discounts on your birthday for clothes and shoes. The discount is valid after the first purchase byMe. For confirmation of the book, it is necessary to show the part of the passport with the date of birth.
The discount is valid 5 days before the date indicated in the passport and after your birthday - 5 days, in total 11 days. 

The discount is not cumulative with other promotional offers, except for the regular customer discount.
The discount is taken into account when pre-ordering.

When buying a gift certificate, discounts do not apply (discount -5% for regular customers, discount -10% for reviews on Facebook, discount -20% for clothes and -10% for shoes on their birthday). But when using the certificate, you can take advantage of any of the discounts.


1. The 5% discount for the regular customer is summed up with all the discounts in the showroom and on the site.
Thank you for coming back to us.

2. Facebook Response Discount 10% off all discounts on showroom and site.
This is our gift to you for your feedback.

3. Birthday discount does not apply during Black Friday.

4. The "Reservation" or "I will be soon" option does not work during Black Friday, except for full payment for the item. You can pick up your favorite things within 7 days.
We offer you honest discounts on quality seasonal items, so come as soon as possible and be the first.

*All seasonal discounts are valid only for available goods, pre-order discount is not valid.